We are now accepting registrations for the 8-week strength & conditioning session.  The training is exclusively and only for those athletes that are registering with the Penn Hills Eagles Track team for the 2020 track and field season. This program is very beneficial for the athletes to prepare them early before the outdoor training season.  The preseason training will be held at Penn Hills High School gym (Auxiliary Gym) and Penn Hills Elementary School.  


Please complete the on-line registration form link below. Registration is $20/two days week (discount) OR $20/one day a week per participant.  Fees are per week.  First registration payment of $20 should be mailed to PHETC, PO Box 17606, Pgh, 15235 and received by Feb. 4.  If registering after Feb. 4th you can make payment at the sessions.  First week session begins Monday, February 10.  All Monday sessions will still be held at the HS Auxiliary gym from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. The Wednesday schedule is outlined below.  The 8-week session runs from Feb. 10 – Apr. 1.  Training for the outdoor season begins in April for the regular track and field season.  Preseason training is for registered participants only.  For additional information, please email us at "Contact Us"


This training is optional.


There has been a change in schedule.  The Wednesday sessions ONLY for the month of February will be at Penn Hills Elementary school from 6:00-7:00pm.  The March Wednesday sessions will be at the same location from 6:30-7:30pm.



**The Penn Hills Eagles Track Club is sanctioned by USA Track & Field.  The organization's goal is to develop athletes to Junior Olympic competition level.  All athletes must be able to participate within the parameters of the program.  All rules and guidelines are followed under USA Track & Field Competition Rules.**


Registration is now open for the 2020 outdoor track and field season.  Please click on the registration information link to read registration information.  The link to complete the on-line registration form is below. The medical and credit card form links are below.

ATTENTION: The 6-10 year old age group fills up fast and is on a first come first serve basis. Confirmed registration is based on a completed and paid registration. Make sure you complete your application as soon as possible. Once that age group meets capacity, it will be closed and then all additional registrations will be placed on a wait list. If you chose to pay by credit card, a credit card authorization form must be completed and signed. You can also email that information but will still need to sign and email/mail in the credit card authorization form. The mailing information is at the end of the on-line registration form.  Although you fill out the registration form on-line, your spot is not secure until payment is received.  

Registration Information link


On-line registration form link


Credit Card Authorization form link

Please print form and complete.  You can scan and email to email address below.


Please print and complete physician Forms:




Since 1993, founder and Head Coach, Charles Carter, started the Penn Hills Eagles Track Club as a feeder program to help develop athletes at elementary, middle and high school levels. Our added goal is to develop and prepare high school athletes for college levels.  This program is not a recreational program but a developmental program which builds on teaching athletes basic skills on running, body mechanics, fundamentals, sportsmanship, nutrition, discipline, field techniques and character building.  We have dedicated coaches that enjoy the opportunity to develop the athletes every year.  The Penn Hills Eagles offers a year round track and field program which includes cross-country and a preseason strength and conditioning program.  Our youths travel to local, regional and national venues to compete.  The team has traveled every year all across the country both regionally and nationally.  Since 1996, the Penn Hills Eagles Track Club has taken over hundreds of athletes to regional and national competition levels and holds several top 6 national “All American” awards.


Please go to the USATF website for archive results.


The Penn Hills Eagles Track Club has been training athletes for 30 years.  Our registration sign-ups begin in January of each year.  The age group is from 6-18 years of age.  The child must be 6 yrs. old by April 15th of that year.  Our practice location is at the Penn Hills High School track.  Our outdoor conditioning training program starts the first week in April; Monday through Thursday from 6-8:00 pm.  The practices are separated by age groups on designated days two days a week.  Athletes are trained to compete in sprints, mid-distance, distance, hurdles, long, high and triple jump, shot put, discus, mini turbo javelin, Aero javelin and javelin.  We have a great experienced coaching staff that is designated to work in specific skilled areas.  Competition meets are held every Saturday beginning in May.  Athletes are trained to compete at local, regional and national junior Olympic levels. Prior to the outdoor season, we conduct an 8-week preseason strength and conditioning program that trains 2 days a week.  It is designed to prepare the athletes before the regular season.  Our cross country program runs from the beginning of September through the first week in December.


The Penn Hills Eagles Track Club is dedicated to developing youth by providing a safe, positive environment, instilling a sense of confidence, positive work ethic and assists them in achieving success on and off the field.  In today’s sports world, sound training protocol to sport-skill development is essential.  We use proven sport specific training technics to help each athlete reach their maximum potential by improving strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, and coordination to help improve their overall physical conditioning.  We prepare athletes to compete on local, regional, and national junior Olympic levels.  We are dedicated in nurturing positive self-esteem, good sportsmanship, moral character and importance of academics.

If you would like more information or would like to be put on the mailing list, the contact information has been provided below:


Penn Hills Eagles Track Club

Mail Address: P.O. Box 17606, Pittsburgh, PA  15235

Voicemail: 412-430-0507


They will soar on wings like Eagles; They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint.

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